Who may Join the  CHS PTA:

Connally High School:  Parents, Guardians, Relatives, Faculty, and Staff

You are cordially invited to join the John B. Connally High School (CHS) Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA is a grassroots organization made up of parents/guardians, teachers and community leaders who work together to improve and enhance education for all our students.

Studies have proven that parental involvement and PTA participation improves children’s success in school.  When you join the CHS PTA you become part of the largest child-advocacy organization in the nation.  The Texas and National PTA support us with resources and information on how to keep our children safe, trouble free and involved in school.  Through your participation in the PTA you become a more informed parent, get to know your kids’ teachers better, and most importantly, you meet other concerned parents willing to support our children and their education.

Last year our CHS PTA awarded three scholarships to graduating seniors, totaling $1500.  This year’s scholarship eligibility will be limited to children of PTA members as of October 15, 2012. (Dues are only $10)

Our PTA goals for the year are to:

(1) Improve communication between parents and teachers,

(2) Provide scholarships to deserving students,

(3) Support our teachers by having teacher appreciation events,

(4) Put on a wonderful Holiday Bazaar which will provide financial support to our goals.

To accomplish these goals we need you to join and participate in our PTA.  We invite you to work with us for the good of our children.  Join us at our first meeting to be announce soon.


Tuesdays at 6 PM

Sept. 18 – Focus on Senior Class
Oct. 9 – Focus on Freshman Class
Nov. 6 – Focus on Junior Class
Jan. 8 – Focus on Sophomore Class


The Holiday Bazaar is planned for Saturday, Nov. 17th from 9 am – 3 pm.  Please see the Events section for details!

PTO Board 2012-2013

President:  Diane Harvey Anderson, president (at)

Vice President: Cathy Anderson, vicepresident (at)

Treasurer: Olga Maldonado, treasurer (at)

Secretary: Francoise Luca, secretary (at)

To volunteer or for more information, call or email us directly.

Thank you for supporting the children at Connally High School!

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