Welcome to the J.B. Connally High School PTA

This website is maintained by the Connally PTA as a resource for the families, teachers and staff of Connally High School in Austin, Texas.  We welcome your visit and support.

By the time your children arrive at Connally High School, you have surely participated or have experienced a PTA event.  You may be thinking this is all just the same, bake sales and fundraisers.  Well, in high school the projects are different and in many ways more critical.  Our PTA members work with teachers and staff to keep our kids safe, in school, motivated and engaged in the last and most important time of their academic careers.

Our PTA is faced with tougher challenges than an elementary school PTA, and it is just as important if not more important that parents register and get involved in the PTA.  When children are in elementary school and had a homeroom teacher, it was easy to keep up with their homework assignments and progress.  Now in high school they may have 6 to 8 teachers and keeping up with what is really going on at school can be a real challenge.

The PTA is your resource and your information source to what is really going on at school.  Please consider joining and attending our meetings.  Together we can help make high school a better experience for all of our kids.

For more information, please contact us by email at: president (at) chspta.org

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